Who we are?

On this website I invite interested parties to find a non government organization, which is to develop the idea of using measurable time as a currency on bulgarian soil.

Time as currency

The first usage of time as a currency is in 1827 by Josiah Warren in his Cincinnati Time Store. With time the modern variant "Time Banking" evolves in the USA, Germany, New Zealand, United Kingdoms and other, whereas various services are being exchanged, mainly in the social sector.



Goals of the organization should be:

  1. Establishment of enough members, which want to exchange goods and services using the invested time of the workers as a time currency
  2. Spread of the idea of using time as a currency unit
  3. Creation of a database and an information system, which should track exactly how much human time is needed to produce a product; evaluation of existing ERP software for this goal, e.g. SAP (software for optimization of manufacturing processes)
  4. Creation of a system for electronic payment with time currency
  5. Cooperation with regional companies with two goals: firstly - measurement of the man-hours needed for the production of their goods and secondly - using this information to optimize theirs production processes.
  6. Cooperation with foreign organization for time currencies with the goal of unification of their measurement.

In the setting we live today the big banks issue money without control, and the central banks have no choice, but to issue (digitally) big sums of money to the same banks in order to save them from their own mistakes - "Too big to fail". I think that there is a need for alternative decentralized currencies which promote moderate economical growth and independent market control of the banks. I think, that the human time in comparison to other alternative currencies (cryptocurrencies) is in sufficient supply to satisfy the needs of the economy, as there is a physical limit to the issuance of time currency (obviously within 24 hours one could issue a theoretical maximum of 24 hours time currency, on a practical scale - 8 to 14 hours per person)

Our Team

My name is Alexander Milev and to date I am not aware of other persons in Bulgarian, dealing with the topic of time currency and/or time-banking.