Time currency, macroeconomics and environment

Presumed effect of time currency on the macroeconomy

One of the presumed properties of the currency Time is that the growth of the economy and the quantity of produced goods will be reduced. That is because the time currency does not allow for time billionaires - as mentioned before in 24 hours nobody can work more than 24 hours, which is also the brake for money issuance. Cooperatives will be the preferred means of production, where a large circle of interested parties/people will produce needed goods. At the same time, it is supposed that pricing will allow for people to support themselves with only a couple of hours of work per day, after all the richest will only get richer at a rate of 14-16 hours per day. Therefore there will be a kind of redistribution of riches from the top to the bottom of the pyramid from the post "Origin of money and structure of society". Whereas the mass hysteria to produce more and more will be reduced also (advertisement agencies will probably see a reflux of staff from the field marketing), ergo consumption will be reduced too; alternatively the goods produced will be of better quality and/or repairs will be once again economically feasible, which in turn will lead to preservation of resources. As mentioned before at a similar time production cost/price of a good or service in different regions (China-Bulgaria), the transport will make it more expensive until such level is reached, that it cannot be sold in the region to be exported if it is being produced there.


All these will lead to the meeting the needs of the poorest and to benefits for mother nature. This i so, because the biggest polluter is the economy itself. The contraction of the economy will automatically lead to less pollution (it is obvious that an economy, which produces 0 goods will not pollute; obviously it will also not sustain human life). Transportation will also get more expensive, whereas one needs to take into consideration that the ships, that carry containers to import goods from china use heavy oil and do not have air filters, which is also a big polluter. The suggestion that we will be able to support ourselves with a couple of hours per day will lead to a positive change in human psychology, namely to the lack of need to compete and rivalry to produce more and more (even as a labor worker) only to survive.


Of course all this are presumptions, which need to be verified in the practice. This is the goal of this website.

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